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INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS: Life in Guatemala is a Daily Struggle to Find Food

Little Edwin Vazquez is just seven months old and already he is struggling
to survive.
He lives in Guatemala, a country with the
fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in
the world. Almost 50 percent of children under
five years of age suffer from impaired mental
and physical growth because of malnutrition.
Baby Edwin, along with his parents, Edwin
and Carmen, and his 10-year-old sister, Andrea,
survive off of the family farm of 1.3 acres
where they grow corn and beans. They sell
half of their harvest and keep the other half
to feed themselves. They forage for herbs in
the surrounding area and if they are lucky, eat
chicken about once a week. Getting enough
food to eat each day is a constant struggle.
Daily life is very difficult for this little family
of four. They live in a simple structure made
of clay and straw. They have no electricity
and only have access to running water once
every two weeks. Carmen harvests rainwater
and collects water from a spring three
kilometers away.
Their access to food is limited in the best of
times. Now with the spread of COVID and
the worldwide economic downturn, Carmen
worries every day if she will be able to feed her
Thanks to your support, baby Edwin, along with
more than 10,000 other very young children in
Guatemala, is now receiving a nutritional food
supplement filled with vitamins, minerals and
other important nutrients.
This food supplement specifically targets
children under 24 months old to promote
mental and physical growth, motor
development, and aid in the prevention of
illness and malnutrition.
IRT has provided nutritional and health
assistance in Guatemala for 25 years.



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