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Photo Credit
Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger, South Sudan

ACTION AGAINST HUNGER: Action Against Hunger's COVID-19 volunteers

"I wanted to feel that I'm doing something for my community and not be idle, that's why I committed myself to raising awareness about COVID-19," said Tondrua Ali, a 52-year-old former teacher in Juba, South Sudan. When schools closed, he joined Action Against Hunger's team of COVID volunteers.

"As a volunteer I spread awareness to households door-to-door, I also track the water filling in every washing station, I register the tallies of those who are washing their hands at the water stations, and I help put together the COVID-19 quarantine kits," explained Tondrua.

"My proudest accomplishment is that the communities are practicing those preventive measures and they are paying attention to the message," he says. "I have seen how important awareness is to educate and protect people, so after COVID-19 I would like to study more about disaster management and risk awareness. If I learn more, then the next time I will be more prepared to help."



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