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Advisory Services

Campaign Services for Charities

Campaign Services clients include:

Global Impact partners with charities to create innovative, custom solutions that speak to the diverse interests of potential donors. Global Impact’s services include creating tailor-made initiatives that target specific issues, geographic areas or donor segments. Global Impact also forms strategic alliances and brokers partnerships between charities and corporations that are seeking to align social responsibility programs with corporate global business strategy.

With nearly 60 years of experience collaborating with charities and corporations, Global Impact is the trusted partner for philanthropic solutions.

Campaign Services include:

Signature Fund Development

Global Impact can quickly and seamlessly implement signature funds, from the technology platform to ongoing reporting.

Strategic Alliances and Partnership Brokering

With relationships in every corner of the world, Global Impact can help secure alliances and partners to leverage and maximize the impact of your programming.

Campaign Design, Management and Representation

Global Impact can create and implement a full suite of campaign solutions that includes campaign design, the overall and ongoing management of a campaign, and ongoing representation with employees, donors and institutions.

Advertising Programs

By leveraging a broad and long-standing network of media alliances, Global Impact can provide your organization a digital and traditional advertising program to drive thought leadership and to increase visibility for your organization. Private sector partners receive the benefit of Global Impact’s nonprofit status, creating deep discounts in media buy rates.



After the 2006 conflict in Lebanon that killed or wounded thousands, business leaders from Cisco, GHAFARI, Intel, Microsoft and Occidental Petroleum set out to provide critically needed resources to assist local reconstruction efforts. These corporations turned to Global Impact to establish the Partnership for Lebanon. The fund’s mission was to support post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Lebanon and increase access to education and economic opportunity. Specifically, the goal of the fund was to help the people of Lebanon find a path to stability and long-term economic growth by leveraging public-private partnerships’ key areas such as education, job creation and economic development. Global Impact leveraged its contacts and expertise, ultimately raising $1,738,610 for the Partnership for Lebanon, and funding the following organizations: ANERA, Digital Opportunity Trust, Habitat for Humanity International, Marshall Legacy Institute, Mercy Corps, PRODEV SAL, UNICEF and Union of the Arab ICT Association.