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Anwar Khan

Making a Global Impact

As part of the “Make Your Global Impact” campaign featuring our President and CEO Scott Jackson’s rereleased book, Scott interviews Anwar Khan of Islamic Relief USA to hear his story of how she is making a global impact. In the interview, he reflects on gleaning strengths from his parents, but forging his own way; the importance of fundraising to further your mission and witness; treating others how you want to be treated in the face of discrimination; and making a global impact by providing basic human rights to all people, no matter their color, no matter their background, no matter where they are from.

"Do the impossible. This is the country that sent someone to the moon.  Don’t tell me we can’t get rid of world hunger if we can go to the moon." – Anwar Khan

Make your global impact by donating to Islamic Relief USA.  

View the Make Your Global Impact campaign page.



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