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Advisory Services

Advisory Services for Corporations

Combining experience and expertise, Global Impact creates custom, innovative philanthropic and social investment solutions for its corporate partners, always ensuring that the diverse giving interests and goals of each corporate partner are met. Global Impact provides strategic counsel to help corporate clients integrate their business objectives with their social responsibility goals by implementing key programs and maximizing impact around the world. Building on years of experience distributing funds to charities around the world, Global Impact offers an integrated suite of services that allows corporations to engage with employees, and raise and distribute funds in 70 languages and 120 currencies worldwide. Global Impact is committed to meeting clients’ immediate needs and innovating for long-term, sustainable change while providing outstanding customer service.

With 60 years of experience collaborating with corporations and charities, Global Impact is the trusted partner for philanthropic solutions. Recent advisory services clients include, Accenture, Allstate, Bentley, Grainger, HanesBrands. Click here for a complete list of clients.

Advisory Services include: 

Global Philanthropy Strategic Counsel

 Global Impact provides counsel on the full scope of strategy development around global philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Signature Fund Design, Development and Implementation

Signature Funds are centered on issues that directly support business and philanthropic priorities and can be either episodic or ongoing. Fund website platforms can be set up in 70 languages, and will accept and distribute donations in more than 120 currencies. Donations are accepted via credit card, check, wire transfer, and employee payroll deduction.

Sub-granting Platform

Global Impact’s custom grants platform allows corporations to solicit grant applications or requests for assistance, evaluate and share those applications, announce award decisions and distribute funds all through a customized portal. The portal can additionally allow for grant reporting and the uploading and sharing of impact stories, allowing the corporate to easily demonstrate the impact of their CSR program.

Employee Assistance Program

Utilizing our custom sub-granting platform, Global Impact works with corporates to establish Employee Assistance Programs, allowing corporates to respond to 1-time requests for assistance from employees around the world. Funds can be seamlessly distributed to employees in their local currency.

Benchmarking and Research

Global Impact recently acquired The Consulting Network in order to provide best-in-class CSR benchmarking for corporations. Additional research efforts can be customized upon request.

Strategic Alliance and Partnership Brokering 

With relationships in every corner of the world, Global Impact can help secure alliances and partners to leverage and maximize the impact of your programming.

Marketing, Visibility, and Reporting Strategies

Global Impact leverages nearly 60 years of experience in successful fundraising and implementing partnerships to create marketing and visibility strategies that will put your company’s efforts on the map. Strategies around marketing and visibility include the technical expertise on approaches around standards reports such as ISO and GRI reporting.

Employee Engagement Strategies

Global Impact can assess and measure the impact of your current employee engagement strategies, and fine-tune these strategies to support overall efforts. Services include assessment of employee values and gaps, as well as models to solve specific or broad issues.

Matching Gift Program Design

Global Impact has researched more than 200 corporate matching gift programs and helped develop dozens of employee engagement initiatives that cover matching gifts, volunteer incentives and programs, and special fundraising events. 


Global Impact helped to shape and communicate the Grainger Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. As the leading distributor of industrial supplies, MRO equipment, tools and materials, Grainger had the unique opportunity to demonstrate shared value at each phase of its supply chain. Global Impact provided benchmarking, executive and leadership assessments and a forward-thinking approach to both strategy and communications. An initial output of this ongoing work is a CSR Report called “Global Values. Local Commitments.” The Grainger CSR report is integrated both in print and online. The traditional print report drives readers online, where they can learn year round about Grainger’s CSR activities, in real time. Readers are also invited to “continue the conversation” via social media channels.