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Advisory Services

Advisory Services for Charities

Recent Advisory Service clients include:
Today’s philanthropic landscape can pose a real challenge for charities. With more than 1.1 million charities in the U.S., navigating the terrain while simultaneously providing effective, impactful programs can put undue strain on charities. Global Impact can help.
Combining experience and expertise, Global Impact guides its charity clients through the uncertain nonprofit environment, helping them to increase new streams of revenue and execute their philanthropic goals. Global Impact is committed to meeting each client’s individual needs by providing both immediate solutions and innovating for long-term, sustainable change, all while delivering outstanding customer service. 
With nearly 60 years of experience collaborating with charities and corporations, Global Impact is the trusted partner for philanthropic solutions.

Advisory Services include: 

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

Strategic planning and organizational development helps you to engage your organization, overall, in revenue development. Developing your goals, accounting models and an internal culture of philanthropy are critical elements to support a revenue diversification plan. Global Impact will help you through each step of this process.

Funding Diversification Models and Customized Fundraising Plans

Global Impact can create funding mechanisms and plans that support your existing strategic objectives and allow you to capture funds at the broadest levels possible.

Board Engagement Strategy Development (Champions and Connectors)

Champions and Connectors is a program that directly impacts both your culture of philanthropy and actively engages your board with fundraising efforts. This program helps organizations to develop a systematic outreach to board members in order to assess their networking capabilities and structure ways to harness their support for your organization’s mission.

Fund Strategies and Offers

Specific fund strategies targeted at a specific donor, built in partnership with a “shared value” model allow organizations to start their diversification planning at a more specific level. Global Impact provides the technique, technology and testing to create and implement these products.

Benchmarking/Research Services

Global Impact recently acquired The Consulting Network in order to provide best in class nonprofit benchmarking and prospect research. Additional research efforts can be customized upon request.

Donor Cultivation Training: "How to Make the Ask"

Global Impact provides training on how to make “the ask,” donor drives, tips and tricks to cultivation, and the management process for cultivating donors.

Secretariat Services

Global Impact can fulfill a central administrative or back office role and supports fundraising and marketing for a coalition or collaborative group.



SOS Children’s Villages USA (SOS) sought out Global Impact’s expertise to help diversify its fundraising efforts within the private sector and foundations. The Global Impact team worked to define SOS’s fundable value proposition and identify specific and targeted programs and opportunities in line with the focus areas of SOS. Global Impact also reviewed SOS corporate strategy and defined parameters of what constitutes good, long-term corporate partners based on an alignment of business objectives. This provided the team with the foundational elements needed to conduct outreach. The Global Impact team then set its targeted and concentrated sales effort to work. 
Through this partnership, SOS was able to expand its reach to donors and quickly pursue corporate partnerships that resulted in new revenue. In three months, the organization established a funding pipeline of $500,000, in addition to a unique partnership opportunity with Procter & Gamble. Global Impact furthered the prospect knowledge that SOS had on 10 existing corporate relationships, in addition to providing research on 20 new prospects. While the project ended in the spring of 2012, it has been renewed for a second phase.