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Philanthropic Solutions

We provide fully integrated solutions designed to meet the specific philanthropic needs of businesses and charities. Combining experience and expertise, Global Impact creates custom, innovative philanthropic and social investment solutions for its partners, ensuring that the diverse giving interests and goals of each corporate partner are met. 

Advisory Solutions

Global Impact provides strategic counsel to help corporate clients integrate their business objectives with their social responsibility goals by implementing key programs and maximizing impact around the world. learn more »

Campaign Services

Global Impact’s services include creating tailor-made initiatives that target specific issues, geographic areas or donor segments, or align an organization’s workplace and charitable programs with its global operations and interests.  learn more »

Support Services

Corporations looking to make a difference through philanthropy and social investment face a tough task; with more than 1.1 million charities in the U.S., navigating the nonprofit terrain while simultaneously providing effective, impactful programs can put undue strain on businesses. Global Impact can help, easing the burden on corporations, by taking on research and administrative tasks, ensuring that funds raised get to those in need, and truly make a difference. learn more »

Disaster Relief Fund

Global Impact’s disaster relief fund addresses the ongoing humanitarian needs of those suffering after a natural or man-made disaster strikes. The fund, which enables individuals and corporations the opportunity to make an impact year round, provides additional revenue to vetted charities with the most effective and efficient programs for long-standing disaster response. learn more »