Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.7 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from the Global Impact Charity Alliance.

RISE AGAINST HUNGER FORMERLY STOP HUNGER NOW: Healthy snacks for children in Haiti


One-hundred thousand Haitian children under 5 years of age suffer from acute malnutrition and one in three children is stunted. Proper nutrition better prepares children to learn and grow, supporting opportunity for lifetime self-sufficiency. In 2016 through partnership with Meds & Food for Kids (MFK), Rise Against Hunger began providing Vita Mamba peanut butter paste, a ready-to-use supplementary food, to Haitian children in school feeding programs.

THE SALVATION ARMY WORLD SERVICE OFFICE (SAWSO): Empowering Small Businesses and Stirring Faith in Rural India

Of the 300 million households in India, 73% live in villages, where half of the households are landless, dependent on manual labor, and live in deprivation, according to the country’s latest Socio-Economic and Caste Census. Additional census data released in late 2015 revealed that a mere 4.5% of India’s population has graduated from primary school.

GLOBAL FUND FOR CHILDREN: One Stop on the Road to Safety, Asylum Protection Center

Asylum Protection Center

A few years ago, the roadside rest stop and hotel outside the town of Sid, Serbia, was just an everyday landmark along the highway. Today, it’s a bustling assistance center and temporary shelter for thousands of refugees fleeing war.

On a damp and cold morning in January 2016, staff from GFC grassroots partner Asylum Protection Center gathered in the large heated tent beside the rest stop’s motel, leading games for children.

GLOBAL FUND FOR CHILDREN: Educate, Empower, Employ: The Mariposa Approach, Mariposa DR Foundation

Girls playing at the Mariposa Center for Girls

Cabarete, a small beachside town in the Dominican Republic, is a picturesque tourist destination for water sports and adventure travel. But behind the five-star resorts, a harsh reality persists: hundreds of families live in extreme poverty, often eating only one meal a day. Many local residents— Dominicans and Haitians who have migrated to the area looking for work—lack access to even the most basic services, like clean water, electricity, education, and healthcare.

GLOBAL FUND FOR CHILDREN: Night Scholars, Masoom

Students learning at night school supported by Masoom

Like thousands of other teenagers in Mumbai, Shadab had two lives: by day, he worked in a factory making women’s leather purses. By night, he attended a government-run night school for youth who work during the day.


Armed militias began patrolling the streets. The fighting started. Then the bombs came. Some fell from the sky. Others exploded inside cars. There was civil unrest, leading to brownouts, plunging the town into darkness.


After war broke out and her home was looted in South Sudan, Nola fled on foot all the way to Nyuumanzi, Uganda. Nola ran to escape violence and destruction. In her town, women were raped. Vehicles were burned. There was no food. Soldiers were kidnapping people from their schools and their homes. "Soldiers wait outside your house, leaning on a tree, and when you go out to use the bathroom, they take you away," Nola explained. Nola traveled to Uganda with her two brothers and three sisters. She arrived with a headache and a chest infection after a long and strenuous journey.

RISE AGAINST HUNGER FORMERLY STOP HUNGER NOW: Increasing small-scale farmers' incomes in the Philippines

Farm to fork in the Philippines

Rise Against Hunger works to increase small-scale farm producer incomes and productivity to help feed a growing population. In the Philippines, it “contract farms” vegetables for the volunteer meal packaging program from small scale indigenous farmers in the upland communities of San Carlos, Negros province through partnership with the Negrense Volunteers for Change. The farmers are both organic and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified; their produce is free from biological, chemical and physical contamination.

RISE AGAINST HUNGER FORMERLY STOP HUNGER NOW: Fighting undernutrition in children

Children's Feeding Initiative - El Salvador

Children who experience undernutrition, especially early in life, have slower physical and cognitive development than peers. Tackling undernutrition transforms health, education and future livelihoods. Since 2008, Rise Against Hunger has partnered