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Global Impact reacts quickly to the evolving priorities of donors. Our expertise, business acumen and efficiency ensure that charitable gifts are used to address the most pressing problems facing the poorest and most disadvantaged people. For the latest information on the work we are doing to meet critical humanitarian needs around the world, see our current and archived press releases and news stories below.

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World Malaria Day 2017

Today is World Malaria Day. This year’s theme is “End Malaria for Good.”
World Malaria Day provides a platform to advocate for continued investment and commitment for the prevention and control of malaria. This year, the WHO is highlighting the importance of malaria prevention in particular. 

Earth Day 2017

Tomorrow is Earth Day! This year’s campaign theme is “Environmental and climate literacy.” 
Across industries worldwide, education is accepted as the foundation for future and progress. The same holds true in the fight to protect our environment. Earth Day 2017 encourages everyone, everywhere to educate the people around them about the importance of protecting the environment and developing greener technology.
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World Immunization Week 2017

Today marks the start of World Immunization Week, celebrated each year through the last week of April, running this year from April 24-30. This year also marks the fifth year and the halfway point of the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP). GVAP’s goal is to protect millions of people from vaccine-preventable diseases by 2020 through universal access to immunization.

International Day for Street Children 2017

Today is International Day for Street Children.
Each year, this observance provides an opportunity to generate support for the millions of children worldwide who are living on the streets. These children do not have access to many things, including food, water, shelter, protection and education. This year, however, the observance is particularly significant.

World Health Day 2017

Today is World Health Day. Falling on the anniversary of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) founding, World Health Day provides an opportunity to open up the conversation on global health. Each year, the WHO picks an aspect of global health to campaign for; this year, the focus is depression.

World Tuberculosis Day 2017

Today is World Tuberculosis Day – this is the second year of the “Unite to End TB” campaign. The WHO is putting an emphasis on uniting to “Leave No One Behind,” which aligns with the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals and the objective to end tuberculosis by 2030. This includes addressing discrimination and other barriers that block access to care.
Learn how you can help us bring an end to tuberculosis and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

World Water Day 2017

Today is World Water Day - this year’s theme is “Why wastewater?”
World Water Day is recognized annually on March 22 as an opportunity to create international awareness and to take action to help solve the global water crisis. 
This year’s theme, “Why wastewater?,” focuses on the massive amount of wastewater that is cycled back into nature without being treated or reused. This wastewater not only pollutes the environment, but it also ensures that nutrients in the water are lost.

“Take Me with You” by Global Impact CEO Scott Jackson Available in Bookstores Now

"Take Me with You" cover
ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 21, 2017 – “Take Me with You” by Scott Jackson, president and CEO of Global Impact, was released today and is now available in bookstores nationwide and online. Published by SelectBooks, Inc., it is a moving personal story that will make people laugh, cry, and hopefully inspire them to take action and find the “charity within”—Jackson’s personal philosophy of making a choice to live in a way that improves life for others.